Let the Right One In (2008)

Sorry to disappoint everyone but this is not a new review; it’s actually filler, a recycled paper and something for you to read until I can get my life (academic and social) back on track.

Just be glad it’s a fairly easy read and not one of my hardcore, theory-intensive papers. >:|

Disclaimer: Stealing this for uses in your own academic paper DOES mean plagiarism, so- uh, don’t.

…carry on.

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If you could not tell by now, I’ve gone on hiatus. I apologize, and will hopefully return to productivity sometime this September.

Keep an eye out for new reviews!

…and so it continues!

Warning: post is picture heavy.

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I am bored; sue me. :|

Anyway, I know I’m late in joining, but most of the movies I want to see this year were/are coming out around this time, so whatever.

Post may get picture heavy (which, compared to my previous posts, is like x12871945023 tons heavier).

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Tangled (2010)

Though I am not a fan of romantic comedies –or romantic films in general– I’m nonetheless a sucker for cute movies like this one. Good job Disney, you managed to make something great. :P

“Frying pans. Who knew?”

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Super 8 (2011)

I watched this on Friday with a few good friends in IMAX and with fairly good seats, so my experience was quite enjoyable. It doesn’t hurt that  J.J. Abrams’ latest film was also quite awesome.

Now, please start working on Star Trek 2 Mr. Abrams!

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Salt (2010)


No, really. They’re coming- well, actually they’re already here……………well shit.


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Grease (1978)

This is probably one of my favorite song-and-dance films, as far as musicals go, with my absolute favorite being Singing in the Rain (1952) –though unfortunately, I have not seen the original broadway version of Grease. Watched it again this weekend because I was organizing my movies, and I saw it and I thought to myself: “It’s got a young and gorgeous John Travolta in it, and it’s not very long, so what the hell!” :D

Greased Lightning! Go Greased Lightning!

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Guys, listen up. For this post, I’m actually doing something different and posting a paper I wrote for one of my classes (Chinese Cinema). I liked writing it, and I got a pretty decent grade on it, so I figured I’d share it. I also love Wong Kar-Wai, and this is probably my favorite film by him, so yeah. Enjoy! :)

WARNING: this is an academic paper, and as such if you copy any part of it, it WILL be considered plagiarism. You have been warned.

“Review” after the jump (although it’s not really a review but more of an analysis).

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Tron: Legacy (2010)

I am once again biased, as I saw this in IMAX 3D and it was in even better quality than Inception (2010). Seriously, the technology behind it all is just mind blowing, which in turn makes the film that much more awesome.

Please know that I am listening to the Daft Punk composed soundtrack as we speak– er, as I am typing out this review. Y’know, to get myself hyped up and in the mood. :D

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